At Elite, we combine our years of F&I Income Development experience to offer both Dealers and Agents something truly unique in the automotive industry. Over the last 20 years, we have successfully worked in the largest and best F&I performing dealer groups in the nation. Elite does not require Dealers to sell specific products in order to benefit from our Income Development services, nor do we insist on a particular F&I process.

Our job is to make sure our Dealer clients are profitable, compliant, transparent and consistent in every aspect of the F&I transaction. Because we are a product-agnostic company, we also partner with Agents who want or need to provide Income Development for their Dealer partners. This allows Agents the ability to provide world class training and sell more products, solidifying their relationships for years to come.


The use of an established process inside F&I is key to running a successful and profitable department. We will help you create an environment where the best methods and processes are used 100% of the time to ensure success. In addition to in-store development, we also offer classroom training at our state-of-the art facility in Irving, TX. These valuable training resources offer your dealership F&I growth opportunities by developing a deep bench of high-producing talent.

F&I Profitability

You will have a dedicated Income Development Specialist for each of your stores whose job is to train, show and coach your team in all aspects of F&I. Our specialists are proven F&I veterans and experts in the field.


Each dealership will receive a quarterly compliance review and a yearly “deep dive” into your F&I department. We check to make sure you are compliant with Red Flags Rules, OFAC requirements, customer disclosures and much more.

Pay Plans

Elite can help guide you to make sure you are properly motivating your team, without overpaying in your market. We can either help adapt your current pay plans, or you can choose from some of the leading performance-based pay plans we have developed over the years.


Having the right lender for your deal is key to your profitability. Keeping track of all the programs can be tough for a Director, especially on sub-prime deals. Our expert staff can handle these tough deals for you, maximizing gross and reducing time and contracts in transit.


What does “good” look like? We have that covered as well. Our reporting tool allows us to compare your results with similar stores in your area to make sure you are getting the most from your team’s performance.

Chargeback Monitoring

Making money in F&I is only beneficial to the Dealer if the profit stays where it should — in your bank account! Managing chargebacks is essential to any successful F&I operation, and our income development specialists are experts at making sure that happens.

Take a step toward increasing your F&I profitability today by reaching out to the Elite Income Development team.

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